Adobe AIR 2 example: UDP sockets with PyAMF and Twisted

The upcoming release of Adobe AIR will provide support for UDP sockets, allowing you to send and receive messages using the Universal Datagram Protocol (UDP).

We created an example, using Adobe AIR 2.0 and the PyAMF and Twisted libraries for Python, that echoes ByteArray messages every x seconds to a Twisted UDP server. The example application also enumerates available hardware and software network interfaces on the client computer using the new NetworkInfo API.

Read more in the tutorial.

screenshot of the example

Twisted Guestbook Example

We created a Guestbook Example to demonstrate a full featured application using Flex, Twisted, and PyAMF of course.

Socket Example

The Socket class enables Actionscript to make socket connections and to read and write raw binary data. This example shows how to:

  • use the Twisted framework and PyAMF to create a socket server
  • create a connection with the socket server using Flex and Actionscript
  • send the system time from Python to the Flash Player as Actionscript Date object, with an interval of 1 second