In this tutorial, I'll run through how to get a remoting server setup that deals with authentication. I'll assume that you already have the latest version of PyAMF installed (at the time of writing, 0.1b is the most recent version).

I am going to build a WSGI remoting gateway, but you can use the principles applied here to any of the other supported gateway implementations (Django or Twisted). Check out the tutorials for more info.

GeoIP example

Check out the Flex example using the GeoIP APIs:

You can browse or download the source from the Subversion repository. You can find instructions on how to run the example yourself in the documentation.

ByteArray example

We have created a simple PyAMF example for the ByteArray class in ActionScript which provides methods and properties to optimize reading, writing, and working with binary data. The PyAMF equivalent of this class is also called ByteArray that provides the same basic functionality.