Ohloh API and Python

Ohloh is a website which provides a web services suite and online community platform that aims to map the landscape of open source software development. The Ohloh API is a free, REST-based programming interface to the Ohloh open source directory. You can use the Ohloh API to create your own applications and web services based on Ohloh data. There's a Python example client and additional examples are available for Java, Ruby, Bash, Perl, PHP and C++.

I decided to create a simple AMF gateway using PyAMF that pulls the account data from Ohloh and then passes it to a Flex application. The reason I use a AMF gateway is because I don't want to hardcode and expose my API key in the Flex client application, which could be decompiled easily, allowing others to abuse my key.

You can test their API by entering the emailaddress of a registered Ohloh user in the input text-field below, click Submit, and it will display the user's general account info and load the user's avatar.