PyAMF 0.4rc2 released

The PyAMF team is proud to announce a new release of PyAMF, a lightweight library that allows Flash and Python applications to communicate via Adobe’s ActionScript Message Format.

Lots of changes for this one, a brief overview:

  • A new C extension to pyamf.util and pyamf.amf3. This is a work in progress and using Cython more sections of the library will be moved to C as they are identified. Thanks to Gerard Escalante.
  • An adapter for SQLAlchemy is available, allowing object graphs to be easily encoded. See the wiki for more information. Thanks to Dave Thompson and Michael Van Tellingen.
  • Improvements to the Google App Engine adapter to allow datastore objects to be easily encoded/decoded.

For a detailed list of changes, see the change log.

To download this release either grab a compressed file, use 'easy_install -U pyamf' or grab the Subversion tag.

This is a release candidate so depending on feedback, 0.4 final will be available in a few days.

Happy New Year,

The PyAMF team

Interactive Python shell with Flex

Google did the Ajax version of the Python shell, running on Google App Engine, we present you with the Flex version (click image to view the sample):

Interactive Python shell example

You can browse or download the source from the Subversion repository. You can find instructions on how to run the example yourself in the documentation.

PyAMF test suite running on Google AppEngine

The 0.3 release tree has been mostly about building up compatibility with Google's App Engine.

Because the environment that Google exposes to the developer is quite restricted (for obvious reasons!) we thought it best if we get the entire PyAMF test suite (up to 430 individual tests and counting!) running.

We have built a simple web app that runs the PyAMF test suite from within the Google App Engine. Its a work in progress and isn't planning on winning any beauty contests, but works nicely.

Check it out!

PyAMF and Google App Engine

After Google's announcement on Monday we received a lot of questions about running PyAMF on Google App Engine so we decided to start working on a tutorial. This is a work in progress and might require some updates to the library. We're also planning on setting up a demo site on our appspot but more on that later.