PyAMF 0.4.1 released

The team is proud to announce the release of PyAMF 0.4.1!

PyAMF is a lightweight library that allows Flash and Python applications to communicate via Adobe's ActionScript Message Format.

This is a bugfix release, see the changelog for the complete list of changes. A brief overview of the changes:

  • amf0.Encoder.use_amf3 has been extended to cover all object types (Ticket:453, Ticket:467)
  • Encoding {0:0, '0':1} will now raise an AttributeError (Ticket:458)
  • Improvements to the Google App Engine adapter - see ticket for details (Ticket:479)
  • Unicode handling in __repr__ functions has been improved (Ticket:455)
  • Django models.TimeField, models.DateField will now be converted to the correct type (datetime.time and respectively). fields.NOT_PROVIDED is also checked for by converting to pyamf.Undefined and back again. (Ticket:457)

Check out the download page, installation instructions.

Got questions? First stop is the mailing list or IRC.


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